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Trucking the Machine

Heidelberg PressThe best means to ship a press is by flatbed truck. Dry vans, or enclosed trucks are tempting because the machine will be kept inside. However it cannot be secured properly in a box truck. The press should be put on wooden blocks such as a 4’ x 4’ and then chained directly to the flatbed. If the machine is on a modern flatbed, resting on 4’ x 4” blocks it will be approximately 56” off the ground. This height is very important for a rigging company to know.

The press should have rust inhibitor applied. If the press will undergo a long journey, in excess of 2,000 miles in very cold weather, Cosmo line should be used. If the transport is shorter, and the climate reasonable, WD40 is better. The reason for this is whatever is put on the machine will have to come off prior to printing. The cosmoline provides better rust protection however it is a time consuming job to get it off. The WD40 is lighter and more easily removed. For ocean transport in containers cosmoline should be used at all times. Generally domestic buyers are not involved in this process but if you are insist on this, and in particular insist it is done prior to the power being disconnected from the machine. Very often the rust inhibitor is applied after the press is dismantled. The problem here is that the cylinders will not get rotated and the inhibitor applied all the way around. When transporting by truck the press should be wrapped in plastic and then covered by the trucker’s tarps. The tarps, although quite good, will not do the job alone.

  • Machines of this nature need to ship via flat bed truck. Having the units resting on 4” x 4” timbers, and then chained directly to the flat bed is best.
  • For short hauls, under 2,000 miles, WD liberally sprayed is needed to prevent rusting
  • For longer hauls, cold climates and over seas shipping, cosmoline is needed
  • The machine should be wrapped in plastic, and covered with the truckers tarps.
  • Make sure the rust inhibitor is applied before the power is shut off in order to distribute the solution all the way around each cylinder. Impression cylinders are notorious for not getting enough rust inhibitor on the back of them.
  • Make sure the trucks you hire, or the seller hires, are “Air Ride” trucks or the vibration will be detrimental.
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