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Rigging of the Press

Ryobi Presses UsedThe buyer of the machine often handles this issue. The reason for this is that the expense of the rigging job is more a function of the printers building than the press. Even a very large machine can be rigged into a building easily if there is a modern loading dock, with leveler, a smooth concrete floor and an open path to where the press will sit. However, this is an idyllic situation that is rarely the case. Older buildings have lower docks, the floor is uneven from building expansion, the path is not clear due to existing machines and the parking lot is slanted. This scenario can even be as extreme as having the press be put into the 5 th floor of a building in New York City. Who pays for the rigging will again be a function of the overall agreement you make with the seller. One thing that is important is that whoever pays for the rigging will need to inform the rigger as much as possible as to the nature of the job. Please see transportation section (If the machine is on a modern flatbed, resting on 4’ x 4” blocks it will be approximately 56” off the ground. This height is very important for a rigging company to know.)

Where confusion often lies is where the responsibility of the installation mechanic begins and the responsibilities of the rigger leave off. What has to happen is that there will be a good period of time where the riggers have to work together with the mechanic. If this issue is not discussed upfront with the rigger they often will assume that there job ends when the press is in the building and the units left a few inches apart and lined up. Unless it is a smaller press the mechanic will not be able to bring the units together properly for bolting and leveling. A good sentence to use when speaking with a rigging company is, “The machine, and all accessories, will need to be brought into the print shop, placed on the leveling pucks, in the drip pans, and the sections pushed together to be bolted by the mechanic”.

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