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Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L For Sale

Printing-Press.com Reference Number: PP62H102

Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 1Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 2Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 3Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 4Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 5

Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 6 Heidleberg SM 102-6-P-L Image 7

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  • Installed Features
    • CP2000
    • Alcolor Dampening
    • Refrigeration and Recirculation System
    • Autoplate
    • Preset
    • Automatic Blanket Wash
    • Automatic Ink Roller Wash
    • Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash
    • Ink Temperature Control
    • Grafix Powder Spray Unit
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Super Blue
    • Anti-Static Device
    • Perfects 2-4
    • 60 Million Impressions
    • Standard Parts and Accessories

Interested In This Press?

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