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Oil Specifications

Ryobi PrintingYour machine will need to be filled with oil at the appropriate point in the installation process. Depending on the size of the machine most likely the second day. The type of oil used for these machines is Mobil DTE Heavy-Medium. The amount of oil is related to the size of the machine. The buyer has to supply this as transporting this much oil on the truck creates all kinds of head aches.

Here are some rough guidelines

L426 35 gallons

L626 40 gallons

L440 55 gallons

Printing machines, just like cars, like fresh oil and clean oil filters. The best thing to do during an installation is change the filter, fill the machine with new oil, and then run it for a few days. After that, drain the oil, put in new filters and then adhere to the maintenance specs for the machine. The reason for this is that during the breakdown, transporting, cleaning if the seller did that, and then re-installation, all kinds of junk and dirt will be loosened upon the oil bath system.

Another area regarding oil to be concerned with are oil leaks. Used machines that have been moved and re-installed are notorious for oil leaks. What happens is some of the gaskets between the units get crushed or lost and due to the pressure of getting the machine up and running they are not fixed or replaced. There is nothing more irritating than a leaky press. Be sure to take a good look under the machine when it is being run during the installation. A slight drip then will be a constant and potentially dangerous nuisance given enough time.

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How can I find out more information?

We would be happy to provide you with a prompt and professional quotation on a printing press thats right for you. When you request a printing press quote you will receive a courteous and professional response with options you can choose. Take me There


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