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Ryobi Used Printing PressThis is another element people get way to focused on. The accuracy of these numbers is never correct, and high impressions do not make a bad press. Generally speaking you want to know this but for informational purposes. For instance, machines from Asia, should have very high impressions. The average impression count for a machine being operated in Asia is 20,000,000 per year. Extremely high compared to US standards. Now if you are offered a machine from Asia that is a 1993, and they are telling you it has 80,000,000 impressions then what you have is a press with 180,000,000. It is quite possible though that a machine from Japan with 150,000,000 impressions is in much better shape than a US press with 100,000,000 impressions. This is not the case however with machines from Korea.

In summary do not get overly focused on year and impression count. The biggest reason is you will make a very large decision based upon information you do not know for certain are true. The other reason is you want to make sure you get the press that has the features you want.

If you look at most contracts they will state, “Impression counter reads xxxx”. That tells you nothing. What the impression counter reads often has very little to do with the actual number of impressions on the machine.

  • High impressions do not make a bad press
  • Do not shop for a machine and dismiss potentially good buys because of impression count
  • Most impression counts are not accurate
  • Asian machines ring up high impression numbers
  • “Impression Counter Reads” doesn’t say how many it has, just what the counter says

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