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Drip Pans

Man Roland PressesPans that are placed under the machine to control fluids such as oil are a good idea. However, they are not critical and if you have a pit under the press, unnecessary. However, if you do want them they must be ready the moment the rigging company brings in the machine. Do not assume the machine will come with pans. The machine may have sat over a pit in its former location or they may have been destroyed when the press was removed. If the press does not come with them, and you would like to have them, they can be made fairly inexpensively. Ask the press dealer for the dimension of the pans and a local sheet metal shop can make them up. The only real critical dimension with them is not to make them to long or they could interfere with the feeder or delivery plate.

  • Does the machine have a useable set of drip pans?
  • If it does not, what are the correct dimensions of the pans?
  • When the machine is being installed make sure the press is put on the pans

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