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Just in - Komori 526We have developed this site to share as much of our consumer knowledge of graphic machinery as we can. Being an educated and knowledgeable buyer is the best approach to take when searching for the right used printing press. You want to be clear about the Age of the Printing Press and the corresponding serial number as well as the ramifications of the Impression counts

When purchasing a used piece of equipment you want to fully understand The Contract and what each party has agreed to. Often people buy printing equipment without understanding what may seem as minor elements but can add to up to significant dollars. Questions such as who will be Moving the Machine into your building and what are the Electrical Requirements of the Printing Press should not be left to chance.

When reviewing used printing presses you want to the think about the condition of the rubber rollers, was the last unit used for heavy coating purposes and what type of inks were run through it. Knowing the product line of the model you are interested in and how it has performed is essential to making the right decision. In addition, knowing where that machine came from, and who is going to deliver and install it is equally important. Machines from Europe are different.

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We would be happy to provide you with a prompt and professional quotation on a printing press thats right for you. When you request a printing press quote you will receive a courteous and professional response with options you can choose. Take me There

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Komori is a company that manufacturers and sells new printing presses.

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